The Mud Chronicles

The Monadnock Writers’ Group proudly presents its seventh print anthology, The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology.

The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology includes works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and images from New England writers and those who have a strong connection with the region. These works reveal the transitional essence of “the fifth season” in both physical and emotional landscapes.

The Mud Chronicles

The Mud Chronicles

Experience of our “fifth season” highlights this anthology, showing how much landscape and seasonal cues matter to our contributors. Plus, beings of metaphor that we are, the fifth season reminds us of emotional transitions, of times that don’t fit smoothing in the unfolding of life, that mark a shift in who we were and who we will become. – Sara Miller

Size: 9 inches x 9 inches
Pages: 130 pages
Price: $24.95
Limited press run of 400 copies
Credits and Contents

You can purchase copies in person at any Toadstool Bookshop location, or at the monthly meetings of the Monadnock Writers’ Group.

Editorial Staff:

Jarred Barzey
Allysyn Belliveau
Denny Caldwell
Ann Day
Carl Mabbs-Zeno
Maura MacNeil
Sara Miller
Louise Werden

Book Design:

Jay Bordage
DS Graphics


Cover Image, Silent Wings, Lita Judge
Introduction, Sara Miller
Haiku, bg Thurston
Chasing the Thing That Cannot Be Named, Sue Ellen Snape
Waiting, Linda J Thomas
Spring Forward, bg Thurston
Fiddleheads Along Nubanusit River, Carl Mabbs-Zeno
Battle “Mud,” Michael Hearne
Winter Evening at Norway Hill Orchard, Denny Caldwell
In Mud Season, Roberta Harold
Logs Too Crude to Split with an Axe, William Doreski
Fly Fishing the Deerfield River in Early March, Gary Metras
Leaf, Rodger Martin
Raining Slush, Jessie Salisbury
Season of the Shovel and Plow, Carl Mabbs-Zeno
Joy, Jonathan Blake
Untimely Fledge, Linda J Thomas
Once Upon a Time Returned, Rodger Martin
Wonder and Grace, Elizabeth Goodhue
Under Construction (A Self Portrait), Randi Stein
Broken Bones, Randi Stein
Catalyst, Deborah Murphy
Runoff, R Joyce Heon
Bless Me, Father, George Duncan
Horse Opera, William Bryk
View from Burton Peak, Carl Mabbs-Zeno
Caught on Camera, Ann Day
The Last Snow, Maura MacNeil
Avalanche Season, William Doreski
Natural Elements, Wendy Keith
Earth Dream, Daniel Miess
The Changing Light, The Changing Days a memoir in fragments, Martha Andrews-Donovan
As the Fog Begins to Lift at Peaks Island, Tina Rapp
Spring Hike, Betsy Snider
Janus Triptych, Henry Walters
Wound Up Greenfield, Ben Conant
Swamp Song, Lisa Townsend
Great Aunt Lillian’s 1918 Prize-Winning Drawing, Stefanie King
Common Knowledge, Laurie Morrissey
Frost Heaves: I’m All Shook Up, Linda J Thomas
River Steer Flood, Nancy Jean Hill
Dublin Fog Graveyard, Ben Conant
Scribble and Me, Carl Mabbs-Zeno
Love Song with Dead Cat, Linda Warren
Affiler/Hone, R Joyce Heon
the climbing tree, Nori Odoi
The Fireman Speaks, Don Kimball
Learning to Drive in Mud, Ann Day
Broom, Tammi J Truax
Bowl, Tammi J Truax
In a Brown Indifferent Season, William Doreski
After the Election, 2016, Nany Jean Hill
It Can’t Happen Here, Bill Chatfield
Eliza Adams, Ben Conant
Stripping the Land, R Joyce Heon
Orchard, Old Tractor, and Mount Monadnock, Denny Caldwell
A Great Mud Season, Tori Haring-Smith
Abandon, Allysyn Belliveau
And Then There Was One: A Year of Mourning, Marcia Breckenridge
A Clearing, Irma Haggerty
Purgatory Falls, Deborah Murphy
Roots at the Harris Center, Carl Mabbs-Zeno
Mud Season Starts Late, Roberta Harold
March Madness 1, Louise Werden
March Madness 2, Louise Werden
Mud Haiku, Wendy Keith
Sharon Says, Ann Robinson
Christmas Day, bg Thurston
Bare Root, Maura MacNeil
Untitled, Jarred Barzey
Spring Rain, Jessie Salisbury
soul food, Stefanie King
Moments and Transitions, Sherry Jennings
The Shades of Monadnock, Linda J Thomas
Tradelast, Henry Walters
Elegy for a Freelance Photographer, Nancy Jean Hill
A Reluctant Mudder, Karen Titus
After the Rain, Don Kimball
Anticipation, Kathleen Fortin
Before the Storm, Rhett Watts
Saturday, Late March, Denny Caldwell
Car Trips, Nori Odoi
Ted Trail Waterfall, Carl Mabbs-Zeno
The Sweet, Sharp Bits In-Between, M D Flyn
Leaving March, Laurie Morrissey
Coming Home, Lita Judge

We thank everyone who submitted their work.

Thank you for your interest in The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology