Shadow and Light–A Literary Anthology on Memory

Here in our sixth print anthology, the Monadnock Writers’ Group brings together 65
poems, 12 prose works and 13  photographs that capture the power of memory to enrich our lives today and inform the future.


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Cost and shipping

Shadow and Light is $15.00 USD a copy, plus shipping (within US and Territories)

Shipping and handling:

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Sponsors of Shadow and Light

We thank our contributors for their wonderful poetry, prose, and photographs. We  also thank Martha Wakefield for donating her beautiful watercolor, Trinity, for the front and back cover  art. (

We also thank  Leigh Marthe,  former MWG president, whose vision and efforts gave birth to this project in January 2010.

We would like to thank  the following donors who made it possible for us to produce and print the  anthology:


  • The  Gilbert Verney Foundation
  • Ann  and James Robinson


  • Jim  Adams
  • C  & S Wholesale Grocers
  • George  Duncan


  • Marilyn  Burday
  • Cassie  Cleverly and Eric Lasky
  • Martha  Donovan
  • Jellison  Funeral Home
  • Maura  MacNeil and Barry Spears
  • Robert  Meagher and Linda Thomas
  • Roark  Publications

We also  thank the following Monadnock Writers’ Group members who helped our fundraising  effort by purchasing In Memoriam listings in the anthology:

  • Janet  Angus
  • Paul  Carr
  • Patricia  Henderson
  • Linda  Kepner
  • Rodger  Martin
  • Robert  Meagher
  • Tina  Rapp
  • Ann  Robinson
  • Linda  Thomas



MANAGING  EDITORS, George Duncan, Tina Rapp

POETRY  EDITORS, Kathleen  Fagley, Maura MacNeil, Tina Rapp, Linda J.  Thomas

PROSE EDITORS, George Duncan, Ann Robinson