Earlier Publications

You can purchase copies of available publications at the Monadnock Writers’ Group meetings in Peterborough. Contact monadnockwriters@gmail.com if you have any questions about availability.

Private Places

Everyone has a private place. Some are chosen—a bedroom, a bathroom, the kitchen before everyone is up, a special place on a mountainside, a meeting place for lovers, a tree house for a child, a castle for a king… This collection represents some of the many ways we experience privacy. The reader, no doubt, will be reminded of others.

This anthology contains original short fiction, essays, poems, drawings, photographs by 31 New Hampshire creatives in a 54-page perfect-bound booklet with color cover. 2004. Editors: Meg Barden; Kate Tarlow Morgan; and Leigh Marthe. Cover photograph Halfway Down: Daniel Upton Place, Stoddard, NH by Fleur Weymouth.

Price: $5.


In Public Places

Being in a public place—street, laundromat, mall, airport, stadium, theater, supermarket, highway, museum, post office, city park, town common, country road—connects us to something fundamental about being human. What is that? We are not at home. And, we are not alone. Yet being in a public place will serve as a catalyst for our existential solitude, or inspire us to suddenly see something very unique. Public places can be the site for mass hysteria or the recovery of a lost child. Public places change us—we feel and think differently there.

This collection represents some of the many ways in which public places form our experience by acts of traversing, scanning, waiting, rushing, witnessing, shopping, strolling, glancing, getting in, getting out, or taking off by air, by rail, by road or by foot.

23 featured works in a 39-page saddle-stitched booklet with color cover. 2000. Editors: Meg Barden; Kate Tarlow Morgan; and Ed Schneeflock. Cover photograph Union Square by Kate Tarlow Morgan. $5.


First Annual Poetry Contest—1998 Winning Poems

A collection of poems from, you guessed it, our 1998 poetry contest. First prize “Near Firenze” by Katherine Solomon, second prize “August Ends” by Lisa Nash, and third prize “Imagining Drowning” by Sally Boland are featured as well as ten honorably mentioned poems by Janice Warren, Cynthia Duda, Meg Peterson, Anna Michaud, Laurie D. Morrissey, Walter A. Bacigalupo, Frances LeMoine, Liz Fletcher, and Isabella Halstead. Distinguished poet Wesley McNair served as final judge of the submissions. Patricia Fargnoli, Kate Gleason, and Rodger Martin served as preliminary judges.

22 pages, saddle-stitched booklet. 1999. 50 cents.


Ad Hoc Monadnock, A Literary Anthology

“Throughout this book, and on every page, the artists present to you, the reader, the very best of themselves—they present their craft. Whether through words or art, we hope this anthology offers you the opportunity to step into and share another person’s experience while at the same time encouraging you to explore your own experience in a new way.” ~ Marie Louise St. Onge, Executive Editor.

The poetry and fiction of 80 writers are featured in this 213-page perfect-bound paperback. 1995. ISBN 0-9645002-0-5. Exec. Editor: Marie Louise St. Onge. Assoc. Editors: Linda Dyer, Adelle Leiblein. Cover art by M.R. Truelson: “Closed Doors, Windows Barred.”

No copies left in stock but check your local library or online used bookstores.

Ad Hoc Monadnock Online, a follow-on to the print anthologywas published from 2004 to 2009 featuring short fiction, poetry, essays, and memoir. This online journal was archived and has been replaced by MWG’s current online journal Smoky Quartz  (2012 to present).


The Monadnock Reader

“Included in this volume are poems, stories, essays, photographs, and graphic art by over 60 regional artists. This anthology is designed to give you a spectrum of the writing produced throughout an area loosely defined as ‘connected with the mountain.’ The book is organized to allow you to pick and choose your readings to suit your leisure and pleasure. Whether you choose a poem or story before bed, or an essay before dinner, we hope you will find many hours of relaxation and enjoyment as you meander through the art of Monadnock writers.” ~ Rodger Martin, Executive Editor

This 226-page perfect-bound paperback volume features fiction, poetry, essays, photography and graphic art from over 75 contributors. Rodger Martin, Executive Editor. Associate Editors: Dawn Worsley-Caradona; Ann Robinson; Martha White; and Pat Youden. Wood engraving on cover by Randy Miller. 1990. $5.

The Monadnock Writer

“Early in 1984, a group of writers met to exchange ideas and critique each other’s work. This group has expanded and formed the Monadnock Writers’ Group …. Very soon, the idea of publishing our own journal became lively. We decided to solicit manuscripts through articles in several local papers, and the resulting material arrived from more than fifty authors representing 4 states and more than 20 communities…. It has taken lots of capable hands, good minds and generous people to succeed in this endeavor. We are proud to publish this first edition…!”

This ~170-page spiral-bound paperback featuring poetry, prose, and art. Ragan Cary, Executive Editor. Editor, Martha Carlson. Book Design, Jeff and Sandra Withers. Wood engraving on cover by Randy Miller. 1985. Published by the Graphic Art Center, Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH.

No copies left in stock but check your local library or online used bookstores.