Haiku Selections for 2015

May 2015

Thank you for daring to haiku!

MWG’s Dare to Write a Haiku event has ended with great success! The gathering at the Peterborough Town Library on the final reading evening on April 16th drew more than one hundred attendees. The Peterborough Town Library, Vicuna Chocolate Factory and Café and Aesop’s Tables at The Toadstool Bookshop were especially helpful in promoting the initiative. Thank you, committee members George Duncan, Maggie Kemp, Sara Miller, Susan Murata, and Becky Sakellariou, and all the haiku authors who contributed their work.

The following haiku and haiku-like poems were selected as representative of 260 submissions to Dare to Write a Haiku by more than 130 individuals.

Thank you and enjoy…

Denise Ginzler

Red among the green
summer melts into autumn
One leaf at a time.


Annie Graves

snowfall delicate
as haiku dropping on glass
waits to be unread


Susie Spikol Faber

Baldwin apples ripe
Sweet tart autumn here
In old Shea’s field


Melissa M.

Long sleep among trees
Pink lady slipper orchids
Dancing on the edge


John Chambers

A white day –
snow crisscrossing
a dark trunk



Trembling beech leaves
Winter’s light
Pale flames on gray


Larry Phillips

discordant notes burst,
into improvisation’s
mingled melody


Susan Pope

strokes of smooth snow
brushed over earth’s face
kabuki mask


Laura Traffie

snow piles up
covering windows
my cocoon


Amy Spitzfaden

Dripping in the sun
Unbeknownst to those below
The icicle falls.


Roy Sunter

hermit thrush
flutes in the temple
at twilight


Tina Rapp

ripe peonies
feed the soul
Twitter feeds


Renee C. Archibald

sitting here alone
dipping the brush in blue paint
the first stroke is made


Julia Paige Breckenridge

A flower garland
Being held by a dancer
Sways with the music


Cornelius Bull

Adirondack chair
waiting for me at the end
of the forest path


Putnam Ercoline

In the sun I dream
that the snow has retreated
from my window pane


Kay Kereazis

Great grandson
He’d love to stick his tongue out
And catch the snow.


Margret Kolbjornsen

Molly, Taking care of her friend.
A worm for the baby sparrow


Rodger Martin

March sun thaws the dregs
of winter
Frost heaves.