Haiku Selections for 2016

April 2016

MWG’s 2016 Write a Haiku! project brought in a hundred and thirty submissions this year. People wrote haiku at Aesop’s Tables, Harlow’s Pub, Nonie’s Restaurant & Bakery , Vicuña Chocolate, as well as in the Toadstool Bookshop, Steele’s Stationers, and the Peterborough Town Library. Some enthusiasts sent haiku via email. We were delighted to receive them all! Thank you to committee members George Duncan, Sara Miller and Tina Rapp and all those who participated.

The following haiku and haiku-like poems were selected to share on MWG’s website.

Thank you and enjoy…



fine, Haiku?
Do you speak English?
No, do you?



Outside is negative
Inside is positive
Boiler is drinking gas


Fran Austin
(1 year cancer survivor)

Of something bad is good
Amazing but true



Sweet, dark and silky
Who is she?
No, it’s chocolate


Michael Conley

Warm, toasty pub room
Bones uncoiling, looser now
Ready for the ale.


Ann B. Day

Autumn’s beaver moon
Slips between midnight’s dark clouds
Playing hide and seek


Carol Ann Edscorn

I will go hunting—
Killing birthday cake myself
Celebrating life.


Alice Fogel

Ice and snow at home
Sunset on the Golden Gate
Dreaming weather dreams


Melissa French

I will miss pudgy
Sticky fingers tangled hair
Tantrums not so much


Jim Fowler

Shake snow from the hemlock


Jim Giddings

Night, Red sickle moon
Its bright up-tilted horn sets
A high roof on fire


Wendy Keith

My color is blue
It isn’t sad—it’s skyward
Directional hue


Bev Kemp

Red leaves on the trees
Like flannels on the wash line
Forecasting winter


Linda Kepner

Now I have to think
I don’t do haiku well, though.
Take what you can get.


Dalia Kintisch, age 5

We’re learning about
Animals, painting, moving,
The Gingerbread man!


B Klatsky

Stream’s still half-frozen
The Falls never turned to ice
Some things never change


Terry Lantz

Moonlight touching dusk.
Nestled deep in winter quilts
Small hands grasp the night.


Joe Lipetri

Darkness lingers as
Mist walks across the water—
East sky glows orange


Mary Elizabeth McClellan

Winter sun calling.
Philodendron traveling.
Down, up, and forward.


Linda Thomas

Dragonfly at dusk
Dives and darts to sup mid-air
One less gnat to swat