Guest Speakers

MWG monthly meetings are free of charge and open to the public.

Monthly meetings are free of charge and open to the public, and are held in the lower level of the Peterborough Town Library, 2 Concord Street in downtown Peterborough, New Hampshire. Meetings run from 9:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on the third Saturday of the month from September through June, except for May which is held on the second Saturday in deference to Children and the Arts.

Speaker Series for 2018/2019 Season


September 15, 2018 — A Visit to The MacDowell Colony

NOTE: The September 15th meeting will be held at The MacDowell Colony in Peterborough, not at the Peterborough Town Library. As with all of MWG’s monthly meetings, this meeting is open to the public and free of charge.

The MacDowell Colony, photograph by Patricia Henderson

For the fourth year, Monadnock Writers’ Group will meet at The MacDowell Colony’s Savidge Library in September, thanks to the generosity of the MacDowell staff and the willingness of two current writers in residence to share their process and work with us. It’s a grand way to start, being at the celebrated artists colony that has supported so many artists, composers, playwrights, poets and writers over the years! You can learn more about The MacDowell Colony at their website:

DIRECTIONS: Driving directions from the Peterborough Town Hall (the Intersection of Grove Street and Main Street) to The MacDowell Colony, 100 High Street, Peterborough.
(Total distance from Town Hall to The MacDowell Colony is ONE mile.)

From the intersection of Grove and Main Streets:

  • Go WEST on Main Street for 2/10 mile to VINE Street.
  • Turn RIGHT on VINE Street then an IMMEDIATE LEFT onto HIGH Street.
  • In 3/10 mile the road forks; STAY RIGHT AT THE FORK, STAY on HIGH Street.
  • In 4/10 mile the MacDowell Colony is on the LEFT. TURN LEFT to parking.

WHERE TO PARK: Parking will be in the Colony’s main lot along the pine trees off High Street, with some parking available at the Library located to the left behind the main building.

OCTOBER 20 – Emerson Blake

Though he studied ecology, H. Emerson Blake, or Chip, as he is known to most people, has been ensconced in the world of small publishing, editing, and nature writing.

He has been Orion‘s Editor-in-Chief since 2005, and also serves as the Executive Director of The Orion Society. Previously he was Editor-in-Chief of Milkweed Editions, and before that he served as Orion’s Managing Editor.

Orion is a bimonthly, advertisement-free, magazine focused on nature, culture, and place addressing environmental and societal issues based in Great Barrington, MA.

Chip’s tenure as editor and environmentalist has guided his path through the fields of ecology and literature, cementing his role as a prominent voice in the environmental movement in New England and across the nation.


LOCATION: Peterborough United Methodist Church at 43 Concord St. Between the brick church and the stone church on 202 is a white church with green doors. Note the parking goes in one direction, you enter to the north of the church.

NOVEMBER 17 – Elaine Isaak

Elaine IsaakElaine Isaak was born in California in the same year that Tolkien died (which she didn’t find out until much later). She’s lived in Illinois, Massachusetts, and now New Hampshire, with some wonderful summers in Colorado, and a few visits to Seattle thrown in the mix. After feeling like a misfit through Middle School, and finding a group of peers as geeky as myself in High School, she went off to Rhode Island School of Design with some vague notion of working for Jim Henson or Hollywood making creatures. Finding the program there to be too limiting for her needs, she withdrew and came home to seek her fortune (read: to crash at my folk’s house until she figured out what to do with herself). She wound up sewing animal mascot costumes for a rental shop, and free-lance sewing quilt squares and dance outfits. From that, she developed her own business, Curious Characters, creating original design stuffed animals and small-scale metal sculptures.

Elaine Isaak finished her first book and promptly had it rejected by Del Rey. She started her second book, which remains unfinished to this day. She was primarily a poet, and self-published a couple of chapbooks, “Doubles or Metaphors” and “The Intimate Toes of Rome”. Won a couple of poetry slams, met her husband at a poetry reading and founded a poetry group in Nashua, Poets Unbound, which is still thriving to this day. She sold my first short story for the same amount of money as her first paid poem ($10, a much better rate for poetry than for fiction). She attended the Odyssey Speculative Fiction Workshop, which she highly recommends. Took about four years to write her third book, in fits and starts. She had her daughter in 2001 and feared she would never have time to write again. In response, she wrote faster. Productivity fell off a bit after the second child arrived in 2007. Nonetheless, she has just finished her thirteenth novel.

Visit her at

LOCATION: Makerspace at 49 Vose Farm Road. Take the right at the EMS store. Follow that road all the way.

DECEMBER 15 – Read-around

Our December meeting is the popular Member Read-Around. Please bring a few poems or short excerpts from your writing to share with the group (5-10 minutes of reading time each). Please note that in the interest of time, this is not a critique session. It is your chance to shine and hear your voice within a welcoming, writer community.

The public is welcome to attend and hear Monadnock Writers’ Group members read excerpts from their work.

LOCATION: Peterborough United Methodist Church at 43 Concord St. Between the brick church and the stone church on 202 is a white church with green doors. Note the parking goes in one direction, you enter to the north of the church.

JANUARY 19, 2019




MAY 11

*date change
NOTE: Please note the change of date to avoid conflict with Children and the Arts

JUNE 15 – Annual meeting and Read-around

The public is welcome to attend any Monadnock Writers’ Group meeting.