MWG Fund

MWG has created an endowment fund for its guest speakers and  programs. Past speakers have included Dayton Duncan, Ernest Hebert, Sy  Montgomery, Jodi Picoult and Robert Putnam. The endowment will help ensure that  our monthly speaker programs continue to be available free  of charge to the public in the  Monadnock Region. The endowment is administered by the New Hampshire  Charitable Foundation.

Qui Donant Semper Creant:  Those Who Give Are Also Artists.


Thank you to all our donors. Donors who have given $100 and above are listed on this page.

Donor ($100-$249)

  • Mimi Bull in honor of Tina Rapp
  • Martha and Rob Eichler
  • Margaret Kemp
  • Sara Miller
  • Robert Putnam
  • Louise Rath and Daniel Rath, M.D.
  • Linda Thomas in memory of Ray Regan
  • James Rousmaniere
  • Linda Thomas in honor of Bob Meagher, MWG Treasurer
  • Linda Warren
  • Kate Zebrowski

Patron ($250-$499)

  • Lewis Feldstein
  • Hillary Kingsbury
  • Maura MacNeil
  • William Schofield
  • The Toadstool Bookshops

Benefactor ($500-$999)

  • Denny Caldwell and Deborah Sampson
  • Kathryn Christensen
  • George Duncan
  • Rodger Martin
  • Barbara Morressy in memory of John Morressy

Endower ($1000+)

  • Robert Meagher
  • Tina Rapp
  • James  and Ann Robinson