MWG Meeting Updates

Open writing sessions

General Meetings
The Monadnock Writers’ Group normally meets every month from September through June, 9:45 to 11:45 a.m. The Speaker Series is open to the public and free of charge. Our speakers are instructive and inspirational for writers of all literary forms, genres, and levels of experience.

Fall 2020 – “Writers’ Night In” Zoom meetings. Writers’ Night Out is a custom throughout New Hampshire to provide a monthly social gathering of writers. Our Night Out has suspended in Peterborough and elsewhere due to restrictions of the COVID crisis, but is being revived and revised by MWG under the name Writers’ Night In. We will hold a Zoom meeting on the first Monday of each month, except when it conflicts with a holiday.

Our idea is to have dinner while conversing with other writers in the area. There is no program and no rules on topics – just a social gathering through a Zoom connection. We will begin on October 5 at 6:30 and expect to have the connection open until 8:00. Look for the Zoom address in the October Quill to keep in touch with what writer friends are doing and feel their encouragement on your current project.

Election of MWG Board Members: At our annual meeting in July, the eight Board members for 2020-2021 were voted in. A term lasts two years.  Bill Bryk was voted in as our new Treasurer, and Carl Mabbs-Zeno (Secretary),  Ann Day and Maura MacNeil, we re-elected  to the Board.

3 thoughts on “MWG Meeting Updates

  1. I’m relatively new to the area and look forward to details of the Writers Night In. How would I get the information from the October Quill. I assume this an online publication? What is the URL?


    1. Hi Richard, Have you signed up for our mailing list? You can do that in the left margin on any page in the website. You can also find the current copy of The Quill under the Membership tab, all the way at the bottom. The September 2020 issue is linked. Thanks!

      MWG Board

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