-Notes from the MWG Meeting 9/21/19

Here are my highly unscientific notes from our meeting. Feel free to add something that spoke to you in the comments!

Poetry Bridging Continents Event, Oct 28-31
MWG members have no charge for events but do email Roger or Maura to get on the list

Smoky quartz has rolling submissions https://smokyquartz.org/

Fall in Love With New England has free access on Friday, in Nashua http://fallinlovewithnewengland.com/

Nov Peterborough Library Book Group Evicted by Matthew Desmond – Wed Nov 20 6:30 pm, Fri Nov 22 11 am
This Pulitzer Prize-winning book is available for 25% off at Toadstool in Peterborough

Alliance of Artist Communities (like Macdowell)

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