-Member News: Carl Mabbs-Zeno Releases A Witness Too Silent

A Witness Too Silent

Have you tired of hearing me claim I am writing a novel, several novels, just not willing to to do the busy work of getting them published? Well, I am tired of making the claim so I finally did the busy work. I expect one to be released each month this summer. The first is available now on Amazon or by order from any bookstore (ISBN978-1-7331262-0-5). The Toadstool had some copies today. The electronic version is available for $5 from Amazon (ISBN 978-1-7331262-0-5). More details are attached below.

Not everyone reads novels and no one is likely to be interested in all of mine but I enjoyed writing all of them and offer them you in case you find something amusing in one of them.

Carl M-Z


A Witness Too SilentA Witness Too Silent
Two years teaching in Africa! A new PhD envisions an exciting start to his career but soon sees his training has given him little preparation for the experience.
How much can a modest young American on his own help in an unfamiliar country? Bretton must set his goals low although he hopes to leave some legacy of his time overseas. He struggles to understand the agricultural college where he is teaching in Lesotho while apartheid rages in neighboring South Africa.
When Bretton returns twenty years later, he is less modest, less naïve, and less ambitious but more troubled by a crisis no one but he remembers.
paperback: ISBN978-1-7331262-0-5
electronic: ISBN 978-1-7331262-0-5

A Pale Shade of HonorA Pale Shade of Honor
Eighteen is too early for some young men, even bright and sincere ones, to navigate the demands of starting college, meeting girls, growing independent of family and facing the draft.
The narrator of this story would hate to admit he learned more about himself from the Army than from college although he knows he failed at both. At twenty-one, with the war behind him, he expects, and we agree, he will cope better with whatever he faces next.
Release date: July 4, 2019
paperback: ISBN978-1-7331262-2-9
electronic: ISBN 978-1-7331262-3-6

Niege NoireNiege Noire
Two women lost in an urban storm; three days of bad weather; one reluctant guide to find the way.
Release date: August 8, 2019
paperback: ISBN978-1-7331262-6-7
electronic: ISBN 978-1-7331262-7-4

Birch Bark and Blackberry ThornBirch Bark and Blackberry Thorn
Three honest young men in rural New Hampshire struggle with the dark underground in their community.
Release date: September 2, 2019
paperback: ISBN978-1-7331262-8-1
electronic: ISBN 978-1-7331262-9-8

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