-Six Word Story Project Submissions

Six Word Story Project

You can now read all of the Six Word Story Project submissions (that we got permission to post)!

Also check out our winners.

Martin F. Danahy
1st Place – There’s always yet never another now.

Cynthia Sue Martel 
2nd Place (tie) – Hush.  Sirens are headed our way.
Bad dog.  Drop Jason’s jawbone now!
Conscience guides.  Joseph’s lost his direction.

Lynda Mabbs-Zeno
2 nd Place (tie) – Childless daughter becomes mother to mother.

Brian Campbell 
Ben hid from pain, squandered love.
Aliya trusts herself, and earned it.
Andre woke from a dream, exhausted.

Bill Chatfield 
Quentin quivered querulously in quickening quicksand.
Innocent bystanders found guilty as charged.
William boiled water with ambivalent anticipation.

Deni Dickler
Yes, Virginia.  Butterflies were once real.
The Last Supper: Homo sapiens flambé
Finally home, she dreamed of leaving

Nancy Kahler
She was dying for a cigarette.
Yell at your wife, not me!
If Puppy grows big, he’s out.

R.G. Kaimal
She came. Met Sir. Now Dame.
The sun rose. Many ill. Sunstroke.
Sun setting. Feathered chorus. Nests occupied.

Mary Crane Fahey
Old men love telling old stories. 
“Is Dad there, too?” he asked. 
She pushed against the door, growling. 

Robert Hanson 
Slush, rain, sun, daffodils, happiness      spring!
Warmth, green      Here comes the sun!!
Robins, leaves, grass, sun     FINALLY SPRING!

Joan Jansen 
Richard loves. He laughs. He lived.

Catherine Orkin Oskow
Crows quarrel, dart, volley. Hawk bolts.
Spring unfolds, backtracks, sloshes: lush jubilation.    

Linda Smith 
Life is about to change. Grandma!
Robins back at the feeders. Bear!

I’m alive because my brother isn’t.

Six Word Story Project

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