-Writerly Event: Mohsin Hamid Interview and Q&A in Manchester October 2

I’m writing because we’re hosting a major event at NHIA a week from Tuesday, on October 2nd at 7 pm. Mohsin Hamid, author of Exit West, will be visiting and doing an on-stage interview and Q and A with the audience in conjunction with our One Book One Manchester program. We’re thrilled to be able to host it; it’s one of my favorite novels of the past couple of years, and unsurprisingly he’s just as brilliant off the page as on it.

We’d love to pull some folks from the Peterborough area into Manchester for the event. It’s open to the public, with a $5 ticket price; we’re recommending people reserve them early. Books will be available for purchase there, and there’s no need to have read the book to enjoy the conversation, just in case people are wondering. Would you mind spreading the word with the Monadnock group and with anyone you can think of who might be inclined to make the trip? Here’s the link for buying tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mohsin-hamid-at-nhia-tickets-50271627792. I’ll attach a poster, too, illustrated by Anna-Lena Scholch, one of our students, for your convenience (ignore the dimensions–I’m told it will print at 8.5 x 11 just fine).

Thanks so much for spreading the word. If you can make it, please do say hi, and I hope our paths cross soon!

Tim Horvath
Mohsin Hamid

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