-Mud Chronicles Contributor Update

Contributor Update July 6, 2018
Final editorial decisions have been made for The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology and contributors have been contacted via email.

Contributors include:

Allysyn Belliveau
Marcia Breckenridge
Jonathan Blake
William Bryk
Bill Chatfield
Ben Conant
Ann Day
Martha Andrews Donovan
William Doreski
George Duncan
M. D. Flyn
Kathleen Fortin
Elizabeth Goodhue
Irma Haggerty
Roberta Harold
Michael Hearne
R. Joyce Heon
Nancy Jean Hill
Sherry Jennings
Wendy Keith
Don Kimball
Stefanie King
Maura MacNeil
Rodger Martin
Gary Metras
Daniel Miess
Laurie Morrissey
Deborah Murphy
Tina Rapp
Ann Robinson
Jessie Salisbury
Tori-Haring Smith
Sue Ellen Snape
Betsy Snider
Randi Stein
Linda Thomas
bg Thurston
Karen Titus
Lisa Townsend
Tammi J. Truax
Henry Walters
Linda Warren
Rhett Watts
Louise Werden
Carl Mabbs-Zeno

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