-Poetry in the Pines: “Nature in New England” Spring Poetry Contest Winners 2018


The three winners for the Nature in New England Spring Poetry Contest have been selected.
Thank you to everyone who sent in a submission.
Thank you to Meg Kearney for judging for us!

Haiku I

Long hemlock fingers
Wave to nearby cardinals
—Come in from the snow!

Haiku II

Barely a ripple
Full moon waits between the pines
Now—the frog chorus

–Deni Dickler


Early spring buds and green so luminescent
it glows from within draws me out
of the cave of my winter. I wake
to unyielding possibility, a child again,
where a dot becomes myriads of stories,
where a small puddle mirrors heaven,
where a cardinal’s call trumpets scarlet.

–Rodger Martin

Trail Marker

Like pale ghosts in the predawn
clusters of white hobblebush
the path leading to the place
where wild turkeys roost
and gobble up the sun.

–Eric Poor

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