-Announcing Season Six of Poet Stanley Kunitz’s Boyhood Home Summer Writing Series

Original post from Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home: https://kunitzhome.org/2018/05/01/announcing-season-six-of-poet-stanley-kunitzs-boyhood-home-summer-writing-series/

Stanley Kunitz’s Boyhood Home

Series Mission: to examine poems of Stanley Kunitz in the setting of his boyhood home in Worcester, Massachusetts, with the purpose of generating new writing.

Presenters will lead discussions of Stanley Kunitz’s and other poets’ work related to specific themes; they will create activities designed to guide writers into new creative territory. Bring pen, paper and a love of language to his boyhood home, designated a Literary Landmark© by the American Library Association.

Selected Saturdays from 1 – 5 p.m. Refreshments served. Registration fee: $20 per workshop. Limited enrollment! Register NOW! Registration required: complete our online form or contact Carol Stockmal by telephone at 508-756-4407 with questions. View the PDF of this announcement.


June 16th Writing Workshop #1 – Jonathan Blake, Leader
My Book of Transformations
Poet and educator Jonathan Blake, making use of Kunitz’s poems “The Layers”, “Passing Through”, “The Testing Tree”, and others will guide us to write about our own defining moments, those moments in which understanding of how our experiences inform our lives define us. We will document the experience and contemplate what we will leave behind, our verdant legacy of change and reconciliation. Register by June 6th.

July 21th Writing Workshop #2 – Maura MacNeil, Leader (a MWG member!)
Awakening to the Night: What Is Found There
The image of night in Stanley Kunitz’s poetry is an important key to an imaginative and mythic landscape he created out of his body of poems. Night summons the poet into a deeper knowing of the human spirit and provided Kunitz clues that revealed truths of being human. This workshop will provide participants the opportunity to explore, through our own writing, the images of night as keys to our imaginative lives and to discover what is found there. Register by July 11th.

August 18th Writing Workshop #3 – Eve Rifkah, Leader
The Vision and the Word.
Eve Rifkah, poet, artist and educator, will lead us through Kunitz’s appreciation for and love of visual art as evidenced in his poems including “The Artist”, “Trompe l’Oeil”, and “The Sea That Has No Ending”. Participants will “fall into a work of art” and begin poems in which that work is transfigured through personal experience and precise language. Register by August 8th.

September 15th Writing Workshop #4 – Meg Kearney, Leader
After Stanley Kunitz- Generating Poems Inspired by His Teaching and His Work
Stanley Kunitz was the ultimate teacher, full of wisdom in his work and his essays and conversations. How lucky we are that he left so much behind to instruct us! In this workshop, Mr. Kunitz will serve as our guide as we use both his advice and his poems to draft two new poems of our own. Register by September 5th.

Susan Roney O’Brien, Writing Series Coordinator
Carol Stockmal, Owner/Curator of the Stanley Kunitz Boyhood Home

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