NHWP Fiction Slam on April 5th

The New Hampshire Writers’ Project is sponsoring another Three Minute Fiction Slam this winter. The Slam is a fast paced literary competition that challenges writers to perform original pieces of fiction in three minutes or less in front of a panel of judges. This year’s regional winners will gather for a final showdown at the New Hampshire Institute of Art on April 5. For more information of the statewide event, go to: http://nhwritersproject.org/content/three-minute-fiction-slam#overlay-context=content/three-minute-fiction-slam.
Three Minute Fiction Slam

Past winners have performed their works for the Business in the Arts Awards Ceremony, the Currier Museum, and on-air at NHPR. Among other prizes, the ultimate winner gets free entrance to Writers’ Day (the region’s largest literary conference) where they will read the winning work in before an audience of publishers, editors, agents, and fellow writers.

Click here to read about the regional Fiction Slam round on February 11th, hosted by the Monadnock Writers’ Group.

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