MWG’s Write a Haiku! Selections

MWG’s 2016 Write a Haiku! project brought in a hundred and thirty submissions this year. People wrote haiku at Aesop’s Tables, Harlow’s Pub, Nonie’s Restaurant & Bakery , Vicuña Chocolate, as well as in the Toadstool Bookshop, Steele’s Stationers, and the Peterborough Town Library. Some enthusiasts sent haiku via email. We were delighted to receive them all! Thank you to committee members George Duncan, Sara Miller and Tina Rapp and all those who participated.

Click here to view the haiku selected this year to appear on MWG’s website.

MWG’s April Workshop Meeting

The Writers Workshop

April 23, 2016 at 10 am
 Escape Hatch Books
 Main Street, Jaffrey

The workshop topic for April is preparing a brief writers biography that can be used when submitting a query of a draft to an agent, publisher or periodical.  The bio can support the submission by helping show why the writer is the right person to do the proposed project.

Workshop participants should prepare a bio in advance of the meeting.  Some individuals may do multiple drafts with different emphasis and/or level of detail.  Generally a single paragraph is sufficient as part of a query or submission of work.  At the workshop we will work together to suggest improvements in the drafts.

We will also discuss the May workshop at which we will consider how to find an appropriate agent, publisher, or periodical for our work.  We will share ideas for doing an internet search and other techniques to identify the best recipients for our work.