MWG Members’ Workshop

For MWG members only:

Send us your feedback on an exciting MWG initiative.

At the November MWG meeting, we discussed setting up a series of workshops for members to share and discuss drafts relating to the business of getting published.  We would select a theme for the month and send drafts to the members who signed up.  We might share ideas on topics that do not require a written submission. The workshops would be facilitated by an established writer from outside the MWG.  We plan to meet on the fourth Saturday of the month beginning in January at Escape Hatch Books in Jaffrey.

Send us a note to say if you are interested and what themes you would like to explore, such as:

  • Drafting a synopsis
  • Drafting submissions to agents or publishers
  • Applying to competitions
  • Tips for public readings
  • Selecting an agent

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