Poetry Seminar

Offered by PAM BERNARD

 FREE TEASER CLASS OFFERING  /  Thursday, January 30, 1-4 PM

Sharon Arts Center, Route 123, Sharon, NH  http://www.sharonarts.org/

(603) 924-7256

SCHEDULED CLASS: Thursdays, February 6-March 27, 1-4 PM

(MEMOIR/PERSONAL NARRATIVE also offered Thursdays, 9-noon)

Ever wondered how a good poem works, why we struggle to read or write poetry, given the limited word count, and why we search out poetry when a tragedy descends?  What is it about a poem that can transmit wisdom in a way that changes our molecules?  This course will focus on reading and writing poems that transcend mere sentiment.  Building on her successful memoir course, Pam will structure this poetry offering so that the student’s experience is marked by breadth and depth.  Pertinent readings on craft will lead to discussion and examples of well-known poets’ works.  Styles, eras, and movements will be explored in this context.  Writing prompts will be given, and ample time provided for drafting new work.  Finally, the workshop—where students get nurturing, rigorous feedback on poems they submit.  This last segment is not mandatory, for those who are new to being critiqued.  Because the structure is broad and flexible, this class is for all levels of interest and proficiency.  Come to the FREE TEASER CLASS on THURSDAY, JANUARY 30th.  Don’t be shy or reticent in any way.  You will find the atmosphere welcoming and safe, while at the same time challenging.

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