Through monthly meetings from September through June, we offer fellowship and support to professional and novice writers alike.

Since 1984, the Monadnock Writers’ Group has provided fellowship and support to writers in all genres and at all levels of achievement.

Coping with COVID

The Monadnock Writers’ Group proudly presents its seventh print anthology, The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology.

The Mud Chronicles

Our goal is to bring writers together in a friendly, informal environment.

We also help raise awareness of the literary talent in the Monadnock Region and promote reading and publishing opportunities for local writers.

Monadnock Writers Group

MWG monthly meetings are free of charge and open to the public.

2019/2020 Program Year Calendar

January 18, 2020 MWG meeting
February 3 Writers’ Night Out
February 15 MWG meeting
March 2 Writers’ Night Out
March 21 MWG meeting
April 6 Writers’ Night Out
April 18 MWG meeting
May 4 Writers’ Night Out
May 9 MWG meeting *date change
June 1 Writers’ Night Out
June 20 MWG Annual Meeting Online

Open Writing Sessions will resume in the fall