Through monthly meetings from September through June, we offer fellowship and support to professional and novice writers alike.

Since 1984, the Monadnock Writers’ Group has provided fellowship and support to writers  in all genres and at all levels of achievement. All are welcome! Please check our monthly newsletter, The Quill, for upcoming events  and news. The Quill November 2020.

The Monadnock Writers’ Group is very pleased to present our newest anthology of poetry, prose, nonfiction, and theater, Penning the Pandemic,   available now at Toadstool Books in Peterborough, or by request through any other online or brick-and-mortar retail bookseller. Copies at a discounted price will be available at the monthly meetings of the MWG.

The Monadnock Writers’ Group proudly presents its seventh print anthology,

The Mud Chronicles: A New England Anthology

The Mud Chronicles

Our goal is to bring writers together in a friendly, informal environment.

We also help raise awareness of the literary talent in the Monadnock Region and promote reading and publishing opportunities for local writers.

Monadnock Writers Group

MWG monthly meetings are free of charge and open to the public.

To receive the  ZOOM link for virtual meetings, please JOIN OUR MAILING LIST or email Carl atmabbszenoc@yahoo.com.

2020/2021 Program Year Calendar

September 19, 2020  Penning the Pandemic RESCHEDULED TO ZOOM  
October 5   Writers’ Night In (Zoom Meeting)  
October 17   MWG Meeting: Jack Hitchner (Mariposa Museum)  
November 2  Writers’ Night In (Zoom Meeting)  
November 21: MWG Meeting: Dan Szczesny (Now on Zoom.)  
December 7 Writers’ Night In (Zoom Meeting)  
December 19 Member’s Read Aloud (Mariposa Museum)  
January 4, 2021 Writers’  Night Out-Location TBA  
 January 15  MWG Meeting
February 1  Writer’s  Night Out-Location TBA  
February 20  MWG Meeting  

Open Writing Sessions will be TBA for 2020-2021 until library venues are again  open to the public.